Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review : The Whispering Death


If you are reading this article then you are quite aware of the fact what air rifle actually is. Air rifles are usually guns that are useful for target practice. These guns are different than the usual standard guns. These are mostly used for keeping intruders like Iguana or bad people away! It’s always good if you have something with which you can defense yourself. Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is the gun everyone cherish about.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle ReviewBest Air Rifle Review

Air rifles shoot pellets using the higher velocity and with help from the compressed air. So they are safe to use. If you’re thinking to get one for yourself then Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is the perfect air rifle for you & we are writing this Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review in detail so you can check all the specification, pros & cons yourself and decide whether you want to buy this or not. It is one of the best air rifle available on the market. If you look on the cost & performance ratio then you will find none better than this amazing piece of beauty. 

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

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Detailed Specification of the Gameo Silent Cat Air Rifle: 

Specification of the Rifle
Caliber 0.177" (4.5mm)
Velocity 1200 fps
Loudness 3-Medium
Barrel Length 18.0"
Overall Length 46.0"
Shot Capacity 1
Cocking Effort 30 lbs
Trigger Pull 3.79 lbs
Weight 5.28 lbs
Function Single-shot

Amazing Features of Gamo Silent Cat:

It is obvious to check every aspect of a product before getting the thing. And that is the same for buying the best weapon to have on your disposal. Assuming you want to buy one then you should need to know more about the weapon and its aspects.

  1. Without any doubt, it offers amazing design which is actually stunning.
  2. It has a noise dampener which is non-removable. 
  3. It provides superb accuracy. Quite helpful for learning to shoot.
  4. Comes with 4 x 32 scope and fiber optic sight which gives the precise accuracy.
  5. It’s equipped with both manual trigger safety and automatic cocking system.
  6. It can fire PBA ammunition at the velocity of 1200 fps (feet per second) and can fire 1000 fps with standard ones.
  7. The recoil absorption of the rifle is sleek thanks to the ventilated rubber pad.

Why buy Gamo Silent Cat?

This air rifle is one of the best and you’ve already seen some of its features which are impressive. 

Features of Gameo Silent Cat: 

  • Unleash the beast: This air rifle is a beast and only you need to unleash the pellets to feel its true power. The Silent Cat claims to reach the velocity of 1200 fps which is pretty awesome. With ease, you can penetrate plywoods using it. That shows that it isn’t a toy and the numbers mentioned is enough to prove that. 
  • Noise cancellation: Silent Cat is Gamo’s one of the best air rifles. It has some splendid features and the noise damper on its barrel is one of them. As we know that firing guns come with a lot of noises. But, the Silent Cat comes with the non-removable noise dampener. It helps to cut the buzz in half. According to their claim, the Silent Cat’s noise reduces to 52% thanks to it.  
  • Pinpoint accuracy: This is the most attractive trait of Silent Cat. Gamo Silent Cat offers flawless accuracy. The numbers of positive reviews confirm its mean precision.
  • Easy to maintain: Loading rifles can be pretty rough work. But not in the case of Silent Cat. Even a child can cock its barrel and load this under guidance. The makers of the gun made it easy to use and so it needs little maintenance work. This is due to the break and spring pistol of the barrel which is straightforward. So that both professional and beginner shooters can have the same comfort level.
  • Keep intruders away: One of the significant use of Silent Cat is to defend yourself from intruders. It isn’t necessary that it needs to be human. In many areas, there are tremendous numbers of pest problems like the Central America. People in those local there are plenty of Iguanas. To keep your yard protected the Silent Cat could be an excellent choice. First of all, it is accurate and the noise won’t cause any problem thanks to the noise dampener.
  • Modest price: The best pieces cost a fortune and there isn’t any doubt that there are better air rifles than Silent Cat. So if you have no problem going crazy spending your money then you should try something else. But in case you have to think about spending and want a pellet gun on the budget then this is the right one.
  • LightWeight: According to it’s specs you will be amazed to know it’s so lightweight and well balanced.  


Flaws of Silent Cat:

Covering this area of any product is essential. Like the bright side, it’s justified to know the downfalls of the product to get a clear idea. Like I mentioned before that this isn’t the best air rifle of all but for this price you won’t get better. Gamo Silent Cat is amazing no doubt, but there are some aspects of it that let it down.

  • Grip issue: The Silent Cat is impressive but like every other rifle it has some flaws too. And the biggest of them all is its stock grip. The main issue with it is that it is easy to hold if you’ve normal hands. But if you’re a freak like me who have big thumbs then that can be irritating. Because you won’t get the perfect hold which will cause your accuracy while shooting. 
  • Low-level Scope: Silent Cat’s scope isn’t that great and I don’t blame Gamo for it. Hoping for a fancy scope spending that much money is a dream. The scope of the rifle is adequate if target range isn’t that far. But for longer ranges you would need to unload some cash to get better sight scope. 
  • Trigger: Pulling the trigger at the right moment is crucial while the target is moving. For that, the trigger of the rifle needs to be smooth. But many users have negative reviews about the trigger mechanism of Silent Cat. They said that it is hard to pull causing the accuracy. Beginner users have faced this problem more and they would be glad to know that this is resolvable. If users find it hard to pull the trigger than they can replace that.
  • Others: The gun comes with a permanent noise dampener. It helps to reduce the noise with great effect but still not so useful in urban areas. Yet it is quite adapt in most environments. 

Here is a short Video review on Gameo Silent Cat  done by guns4life so you can watch the video for a little more information.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, the Gamo Silent Cat isn’t the perfect air rifle but if you look all its aspects still it is quite impressive. If you have money to spend then you can get better rifles than this. But also there is a chance that you would find something lousy. It’s also called Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle.  I hope you can understand why it’s called whisper silent! 

Silent Cat ticks most of the boxes that anyone would look in a gun. It is stylish, powerful, great accuracy and easy to use. This air rifle is ideal for rifle collectors, hunters in simple words Silent Cat is for everyone. So if i were you and looking for something within the budget and great accuracy than i will go for there. 

If you’re a beginner and need a rifle to learn to shoot or want to pest control your yard from animals then this is it. Go and buy yourself the Gamo Silent Cat and you won’t regret. So here it ends our Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review and we hope that it was good enough for you guys to know the details you wanted to know. 

Price to pay

The listed price of Gamo Silent Cat was $247 on Amazon. But you can now save up to $118. So the price for it is now $129 which is a fair price. For me, anything under the $160 range is considerable. But if you spend anything more than that can be a waste of money.

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