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If you’re bored with your hobbies and thinking about doing something more interesting to spend some quality time then nothing seems to be better than hunting. I’ve found an all new passion in itand I think you would also feel the same if you give it a try. Assuming you’re also interested in hunting or shooting at targets then you would probably need an air rifle. There are so many options, but the Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle might be an excellent choice if you’re going to buy a gun for the first time. This Big Cat from Gamo is nasty in a good way and has a reasonable price that would fit most potential buyer’s budget.Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle ReviewBest Air Rifle Review

Getting to know more about the rifle is important. So I have covered almost everything about the Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle Review that you would need to know about.

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The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is the perfect air rifle for hunting. This spring powered gun has an all weather synthetic stock that makes it look quite solid and stylish. This powerful piece of machinery gives the shooter the precise accuracy that anyone would want. That’s why the Big Cat is so popular among hunters. But if you wish then it can also be used for practice shooting too. This break barrel, single cocking gun is as good as it comes in that range of price. And it is one of the finest products from the Spain-based manufacturers.

Detailed Specification of the Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle :

Here is the detailed spec of gameo big cat 1250 . You should check these before buying the and also if you want to compare this air rifle with any other of the same or different brand within the similar price range. So it will help you check out the qualities it have and qualities it lacks from other ones.

Specification of Gameo Big Cat 1250.
Caliber 0.177" (4.5mm)
Velocity 1250 fps
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 18.0"
Overall Length 43.3"
Cocking Effort 30 lbs
Shot Capacity 1
Trigger Two stage adjustable
Safety Manual
Scopeable Dovetail 11mm
Body Type Rifle
Action Breakbarrel
Best for Small game hunting/plinking
Buttplate Ventilated rubber
Weight 6.1 lbs

The best attributes of Gamo Big Cat 1250:

  • Design: There are many excellent aspects to talk about the Big Cat. But there is no doubt that the design is the first thing comes to mind. For me, the look of any product is important and certainly in this area the Gamo air rifle stands out from the rest. The synthetic material used to make the gun helps to look so majestic. Also, the material makes this air rifle easy to maintain in any weather.
  • Craftmanship: When we discuss design, it not only includes the part how the weapon looks it also includes the part how it is actually made to work too. The craftsmanship of any air rifle is a crucial part. And in that respect the Big Cat also scores big. The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is an improvement of its cousin, the 1200 model of the brand. So they have tweaked some things and one of that is the mechanism of the rifle. Like the barrel of Big Cat which assists the pellets to spin. Because of that its accuracy is improved big time. The manufacturers also fluted the barrel. This is the process to cut the material inside to create grooves. In this way, the rifle is lighter. And as you will see the Big Cat is as its name suggest is actually quite a big weapon but surprisingly it isn’t that heavy. Also fluting the barrel assists with the heat dissipating process of the barrel. So thanks to it you don’t have to worry about the barrel getting heated even if you shoot for hours.
  • Texture: The texture of the Big Cat is also quite an impressive element of the gun. It makes it suitable for use in any kind of situation whether it is humid outside or it’s raining like hell. The shooters won’t have any problems to get a hold onto it because of the non-slippery characteristic of the grip. The air rifle has also twin cheek pad and that is why both right & left handed users feel comfortable using the Big Cat. Another fascinating feature of this air rifle that caught my attention is its ventilated rubber pad. Thanks to it, you won’t feel that much force as it absorbs 74% of the recoil while shooting. If it doesn’t exist, the kickback from shooting could’ve hurt the users badly as the rifle is quite powerful.
  • Velocity: The velocity of shooting the pellets shows the true power of this rifle. The Gamo Big Cat 1250 air rifle can reach 1250 fps if you use the PBA platinum pellets and the number drops down to 1000 for the lead ones. So that shows you how quick it is and gives you an idea about its brutal strength. You can penetrate your target with ease using the PBA pellets as it is devastatingly powerful. So keep it away from kids or don’t play with it because it isn’t a toy, it is a real weapon of mass destruction.
  • Accuracy: Gamo boasts of the accuracy of the Big Cat and they should. The air rifle is a peach in this department as you can hit your targets consistently the way you would like to. The precision of the rifle is greatly assisted thanks to the supersonic velocity achieved by the pellets. Even if you are a beginner, it won’t be any problem to hit targets if you have the composure to shoot. The spinning stabilizes the pellets to improve the accuracy in longer ranges.
  • Ammo: You can get two types of ammos for the Big Cat. The quality of the pellets are exceptional and that is why it is recommended to use them. One is the PBA pellets and the other one is the normal lead pellets. The PBA pellets are better than the normal lead pellets as it’s more accurate. The PBA pellets weigh more than the lead ones so it is more stable through the air and that’s the reason for better accuracy. Also, it is better to choice the PBA ammos in cases of hunting small animals like squirrels, raccoons and all that. But the lead pellets are also decent and not that bad too for use in long ranges.
  • Powerful: If you want a powerful and accurate air rifle to buy then you have to be ready to pay some big cash for it. But the Gamo Big Cat 1250 can provide both qualities for a reasonable price. The rifle is affordable. And it is a reasonable choice if you’re going to buy a gun for the first time. As it is a low-cost rifle, it can also be considered as a great gift for anyone who loves to hunt or shoot in the target ranges. If you buy this air rifle then you won’t regret it as the money is well spent.
  • Cocking : It is a break-barrel gun with single cocking system which is already being mentioned. In most of this cases, the cocking of the rifle is a serious obstacle. But Gamo has done wonder with the Big Cat 1250 after what happened with some of their previous models. It takes minimum effort to cock the gun and anyone can do it without any help or putting some extra effort & tatingly powerful. So keep it away from kids or don’t play with it because it isn’t a toy, it is a real weapon of mass destruction.

The lowest points of Gamo Big Cat 1250:

  • The ammos of Gamo Big Cat 1250 is one of its best attributes but also it is one of its biggest drawbacks. The velocity, accuracy or penetration of the PBA pellets is quite outstanding, but the demeaning part is the price of the pellets. For every 100 rounds of PBA pellets, you have to pay around 15 dollars which seem a little bit expensive. If you don’t wish to pay that much on pellets then you can use different types of pellets that are cheaper like the Crosman Premier or Gamo rocket.
  • The Big Cat comes with a 4×32 scope and mount. If you are trying to hit targets between 30-40 yards then you won’t have any issue with the scope. However, when the distance gets further, the scope will be the reason of frustration. Many users have mentioned it nothing more than garbage. Such comments are never good for the products reputation. The focus of the scope is the main issue that made users so angry. This cheap scope from Gamo is a real negative point for this gun. But if you want you can solve this problem by purchasing a new scope.
  • The noise of the Big Cat is another setback for the air rifle. If you’re using the lead pellets, the sound won’t be an issue as it will be moderate enough. But the problem is with the PBA pellets. There is a loud crack which is never good as it would draw your neighbors attention for all the wrong reasons. The main reason behind this noise issue is the velocity achieved by the PBA pellet which is an impressive 1250 fps. For your information, the speed of sound is 340.29 m/s. In fps, that’s around 1110 which means the PBA pellets passes the sound barrier with ease. That is why there is a big noise while firing the pellets. So, it is smart not to use the PBA ones in populated areas or there will certainly be law enforcement’s knocking on your door.
  • The trigger of the air rifle is little out of sort. It is hard to pull and you need to put some serious force to use it. It is a key component of any gun and the accuracy of shooting largely depends on it. If you’re finding it hard to pull the trigger then it will reflect badly on the accuracy. Therefore changing the trigger is a must if you don’t want to compromise with your efficiency.
  • If you use the rifle regularly, then after some time the barrel of the Big Cat would need some cleaning like any other gun. It is common with most guns. If you want to have the same precision then you would need to clean the barrel after every 40 shots or the accuracy would be jeopardized. With proper maintenance, the problem could be resolved.


If you are considering buying the Gamo Big Cat 1250 then you won’t need to pay a little more than 100 dollars. In this deal, you could save 45% money from the original price of the rifle of $237.99 and pay just $129.99 from Amazon. A great chance to own an  air rifle without spending a lot of money.

Best Air Rifle Review


It wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion about the Gamo Big Cat 2015. After taking note about everything, I can assure you that it is a gun that you can depend on. Yes, there are some flaws that can’t be neglected, but these are small flaws. In whole the air rifle is a well-furnished weapon. Most of the negatives of Big Cat can be fixed. From the cheap, crappy piece of scope to the expensive ammos. The noise won’t be a big concern if you use the pellets keeping in mind your surroundings. So it’s your choice now and if you want to buy another one with similar price range and with better features you can check out Gamo Silent which is $129 & is one the best air rifle available in this price.
On the other hand, the qualities of this gun can’t be unnoticed. You will get an accurate weapon with great power. And the price to pay for that is nothing if you compare it with other products. There are a lot of air rifles you will find in the market that would provide the same or event less. But to get those you have to almost clean out your pocket. So, from my side I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a high-power rifle for a good price.

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