Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle Review: The Ultimate hunting tool for you

The Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle is a lightweight air rifle that comes fitted with a new all weather synthetic stock. As one of the low cost and high value pre-charged pneumatic rifles, the M-Rod is nicknamed so by the air gunners and is designed to give the user everything that they require. The air rifle retails at a price that is wallet friendly and even better, the gun will grow with you as you continue to grow especially in your hobby of air gunning.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle ReviewBest Air Rifle Review


The air rifle has a strong aftermarket support and a devoted following therefore people are happy to share their love for the hobby. In today’s world of air gunning, the air rifle has become a modern classic. The powerful air rifle is suitable for hunting small to medium sized game since the choked and internally shrouded barrel offers the user precision and ultra hushed operation.

This will lead to the rifle operating quietly and becoming the best in its class. It is fitted with a two stage, adjustable, match grade trigger system which helps to ensure that every shot made is smooth and steady and thanks to the innovative 10 round magazine which allows for quick follow up shots.
It has a built in pressure gauge and a quick disconnect Foster fitting therefore making the gun easy to operate as well as quick to fill especially when it comes to refilling.

History of Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

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The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle was designed and produced in 2009 and once out of production, the air rifle changed the way people thought about it. Previously, the company had released a version named Discovery which became one of the besting versions of the air rifle for the company. Since then, the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle has become a product with high end features such as a closed rotary magazine,a 2 stage match trigger and a fully shrouded barrel therefore making the rifle the quietest in the market. The premium performance offered by the air rifle is provided at a fairly low entry price level.


Detailed Specification of the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle: 

The air rifle is designed with the following specification: ammunition used include pellets, has a capacity of 10 shots,the mechanism used is bolt action, its power source is PCP, has a velocity of 1000 fps, its optic rails is dovetail, has a safety level, synthetic material and its black in color.

Specification of the Rifle
Caliber 0.177
Velocity 1100 fps
Loudness 2-Low-Medium
Barrel Length 20.0
Overall Length 42.8
Shot Capacity 10
Scopeable 11mm dovetail
Trigger Pull 1.5 lbs
Weight 7.3 lbs
Function Repeater
Max Shots per Fill 32
Cylinder Size 215 cc


Take a look at the awesome Features of Benjamin Marauder PCP:

  • All weather synthetic stock: The synthetic stock is suitable for all weather seasons. It is designed to be balanced with the field and the user in mind. This helps to ensure that the user will be able to operate it smoothly.Therefore hunting small and medium sized game. The air rifle features an adjustable comb which is made custom to fit.
  • Rearward trigger: The trigger has been fitted rearward and when combined with the redesigned stock it will provide the user with a more comfortable hand position. This will ensure that the user is able to target and release a shot when the weapon is held steadily.
  • Ambidextrous bolt: The Ambidextrous bolt was first built for the pistol but after a successful run, it was finally fitted into the rifle. With the mouse hole/bolt stud protrusion being eliminated, it helps to ensure that a cleaner look is present as well as keeping the action to be debris free. This helps to ensure that firing is excellent and precise.
  • Simplified breech design: It is fitted with a simplified breech design for assembly and service. This helps to provide a more stable platform especially for users who prefer larger scopes. The larger scopes will not only ensure that you achieve precision during target but they help to enhance the functionality of the air rifle.
  • Top secret: The makers of the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle has made top secret changes to the valve therefore ensuring 12% more power as well as a 30% increase in the shot count.
  • Depinger changes: The engineers have installed factory made depinger with several changes being made to it too. This has helped to create a sharp ping which results in a dull thud therefore forming into a less perceived noise level.
  • 32 consistent shots: When refilled, the air rifle is able to deliver 30 consistent shots per fill therefore ensuring that the user is able to hunt medium and small sized prey with ease.
  • Ability to use different extensions: The PCP air rifle can be extended and you will require additional PCP charging hardware for instance a pump or high weight air tank. They can be used to extend the functionality of the rifle therefore improving its use.



1. It has an all weather stock that is designed and balanced for field portability.
2. Has a rearward trigger which when combined with the redesigned stock ensures that one has a comfortable hand position.
3. The air rifle is able to deliver 30 consistent shots per fill.
4. The air rifle utilizes 21 foot pounds of energy.
5. It is a multishot, bolt actions PCP air rifle.
6. It has a simplified breech design which is perfect for assembly and helps to provide a more stable platform especially when using larger scopes.


1. The dovetail fitted does not come with any sights
2. It may be heavy for many users
3. It may be expensive for many people

Here is a video review of Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle. So you can take a look at the video if you are still confused how it works and everything.


Final Thoughts


The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle is designed to be a superb hunting tool for both small and medium targets. Thanks to its all weather stock, hunting will be precise and more comfortable. The air rifle has some pretty features such as a rearward trigger which when combined with the redesigned stock ensures that the user has a comfortable hand position. But if you are looking for a cheap air rifle under $200 then you can check the other review we did on Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle .

Apart from hunting, the air rifle can be used for plinking, target shooting as well as pest control. It is a.22 caliber, uses pellets as ammunition, has a 10 capacity shot, its fitted with a choked, rifled and shrouded barrel and can shot pellets at a velocity of 1000 fps. The air rifle is hard to pass by and you will get to have an amazing shooting experience with it.


Price to pay

This is not a cheap air rifle but it’s worth the price . This is one of best air rifle you can get. It’s listed on Amazon for $562.50 but it’s available for $457.38 now and also they are offering a Free Shipipng. So hurry up if you want to buy for the discounted price and also they only have 15 left in stock so this is your chance to get the best air rifle for great price.

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