Editors Choice 10 Best Air Rifles Under $300 Review


One of the most enjoyable and popular hobbies around the globe is shooting. When we say shooting, it divides into two simple categories. There are some who love to hunt and there are others who just love to practice in the shooting range and to do any of those, a quality air rifle is the most and the only thing you would need. There are thousand of options in the market as the air rifle industry is quite big. But finding the perfect weapon isn’t an easy job at all. There are great guns that will cost you some fortune, but not everyone can go and spend such amount of money. And so, getting the best air rifle in your budget becomes the most important job and in some cases an impossible job to do as I’ve said before there are a lot of options to choose from. That is why we are going to help you to get the best air rifles under $300 that money can buy. We have written another review on Best Air Rifle Reviews of 2017 For The Money where we mentioned only the best ones from this year.

Editors Choice: Best Air rifles under $300

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As I have mentioned a couple of times now that there are a handsome number of options to choose from under $300. But I have hand picked the best ones from the rest because of their superior velocity, power, and performance.

10 Best Air Rifles Under 300 Detailed Review

#1 Hatsan 125 Sniper Air Rifle Combo Camo Air Rifle Review

Best Air Rifles Under $300

If you are looking for a powerful and accurate air rifle then the Hatsan 125 Sniper air rifle combo is the one. This is a nicely crafted weapon with great design that will attract anyone. This is a .22 caliber air rifle, which reaches to the 1000 fps marks with ease. So, from this single information you can get the idea that this has everything to meet every hunters need. Like most of the air rifles the Hatsan 125 sniper has single shot, break barrel action. The name of the rifle has sniper in it because it comes with a 3-9X32 Fully / Multi Coated Optima Scope which will help with your precision.

The Hatsan 125 Sniper comes in your desired budget and it has good reviews throughout the internet. It is rated 4.5 star on Amazon which shows that this is an excellent choice to start with.

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#2 Walther Talon Magnum Air Rifle Review

Best Air Rifles Under $300

The Walther Talon Magnum might look like a simple air rifle which won’t impress anyone at first impression, but looks can be deceiving. That’s the case with it as it is a monster in this industry thanks to its robust spring piston break barrel mechanism which helps it reach maximum velocity of 1400 fps. This is .177 caliber weapon and so it is best to use it for pest control and practice shooting, not so ideal for hunting. The gun is strongly built and uses all weather synthetic stock.

It comes with a 3-9×32 airgun scope with duplex reticle, but you can also use it without the scope. It is one of the fewest air rifles that made great impact on the market all due to its incredible performance.

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#3 Gamo 6110087154 Varmint Hunter Air Rifle Review

Best Gamo Air Rifle Review

Gamo is one of the biggest air rifle manufacturers and they are also the most popular brands all due to their great variety of air guns for all. The Gamo Varmint Hunter is a great example of their range. It’s a light weight, beautifully crafted air rifle combined perfectly with its outstanding performance. This .177 caliber air rifle moves through the air at 1400 fps breaking the sound barrier with some distance. For small time hunting and other stuff this is an ideal choice.

It got great reviews on Amazon as it has an average 4 star.

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#4 Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle Review

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle Review

The Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper is actually the upgraded version of the original Gamo Whisper. After its predecessors great success the manufacturers went to make it even a better version of the Whisper model. The main difference between the two models is that the previous version used the spring piston tech on the other hand the Silent Stalker uses the more advanced gas piston tech which makes it even better. The air gun comes with the ND52 noise dampening system.

It is a single shot .177 caliber air rifle that reaches the top velocity of 1200 fps. In general, it is a great air rifle, very powerful, accurate.This gun is everything you need.

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#5 BSA 1512 GRT SuperSport SE Air Rifle Review

Best Air Rifles Under $300 For The Money

We have the BSA GRT SuperSport SE air rifle on the list which will certainly make all your dreams come true.

The air rifle has a classic design including an open sights and best full-length scout scope rail giving the shooter alternative means of acquiring targets. To give it more power they have exchanged the coiled mainspring for Gas Ram Technology. Some of the benefits of the gas ram include greater longevity through reduced friction; less vibration when the trigger is pulled and greater accuracy resulting from the increased speed of the pellet as it leaves the barrel.

A rare air rifle with the perfect combination of classic design incorporated with the latest technology. Do you want to give it a try?

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#6 Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review : Detailed Click Here

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

The Silent Cat from Gamo is without any doubt is one of the gem of an air rifle the company Gamo ever produced. Specially because it has some high quality features that can compete with some expensive air guns in the market, but the price of it will surprise anyone.

It can go through 1200 fps through the air without getting off the track. That is the reason of its pin-point accuracy. The Silent Cat comes with the noise dampener which reduces the noise up to 52%. For a big gun it is quite light weight and it is very easy to maintain. Overall speaking, for such price the Gamo Silent Cat offers more then you can want it from. If you ask me we Air Rifle Village recommend this air rifle. This is the best air rifles under $300 available out there.

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#7 Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Air Rifle Review

Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Air Rifle Review

The Diana RWS 34 is one of the best selling air rifles in the history. It is a German made air rifle, which guaranties efficiency every time. Aesthetically speaking, the air rifle is very simple but in reality, it has everything you need in your perfect air rifle that is the perfect mixture of accuracy and power. If you are seriously tight on your budget and looking something sharp then the Diana RWS is the match made for you in heaven.

If you still have doubt then check all around the internet. You will be surprised when you will see the amount of positive feedback this beast has.

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#8 Umarex USA RWS 34-P Air Rifle/Scope .22 Pellet Review

The Best Air Rifles Under $300

In the RWS 34-P where the P stands for Panther. It got this name because of its amazing qualities. It has 4.9 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. Quite a remarkable achievement and why not as it is a perfectly built air rifle. It has hunting style stock, comfortable for both right and left-handed users, fiber optic sight, which makes it an awesome air rifle for shooting sports. It is just awesome.

You will hardly find a better air rifle than this, marks my word.

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#9 Winchester 1250WS Break-Barrel Air Rifle Review

Best Air Rifle For The Money

The Winchester 1250WS will create a big crack every time you shoot as it is faster than the speed of sound. That’s actually amazing but the loud sound might be an issue for some. But still it is an impeccable air rifle for its amazing precision. As it is a single shot air rifle, you need to make your shot count which is quite easy thanks to the scope it comes with. This winchester air rifle is under $200 . So if you don’t have the budget of $200 + then you can certainly buy this one.

This pellet gun is accurate and powerful. A great hunting weapon as well as a great tool for training too.

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#10 Hatsan 85 Vortex Air Rifle Combo, Camo Air Rifle Review

Best Air Rifles Under 300 Review

I started this list of air rifles with the Hatsan and I’m going to close the deal with another supreme product from the brand. This one is the Hatsan 85 Vortex. Another single shot, break barrel and hooked up with the latest gas piston tech. It has full camo synthetic stock and a great operational stock. It has great velocity, good power and superb accuracy which really seals the deal. But that’s not all, you will also get a 1 year limited warranty too.

If that’s not enough for you, then you might never know what will satisfy your need to find your ultimate air rifle.

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Things to consider before the big purchase

We came up with some great options that you can choose from but before making any harsh decision and regret, always consider what are you looking from this purchase. If you follow these specifications and compare with the air rifles you want to buy there is no way you will buy a bad one.

  • Features : This is certainly the number one priority of most buyers while making the purchase of any product and it is more important when you are buying an air rifle. Obviously, every air rifle is unique and some special features than the other one, now you have to be sure of your need. If you are looking something for hunting then obviously the power is quite an important aspect that you can’t ignore but for target practice you don’t need power. So you have to be clear of what you actually need.
  • Design/Durability : Design of the air rifle is quite an integral part. Most of the air rifles are made thinking of right-handed users, and such cases those air rifles are completely uncomfortable for the left-hander to use. They will never get the grip and hence the precision will be lost due to that little detail in the design. Some air rifles are quite big and heavy. Those sort of guns are will never suit if you are not a big enough man.And the durability is a major factor. There are some air rifles that go totally wasted after a hundred shots, you never want to be that place, believe that. So, always keep this thing in consideration before making your decision.
  • Budget : And last but most crucial part is the budget. If you have a particular budget then you have to stick to it and do your best to find the suitable match. For low budgets, the work is hard to find a great weapon but if you do your homework you will always find a good enough air rifle that will meet your ends need.


We have now come to the conclusion of an extensive and informative guide to choosing the best air rifles under $300 budget range. A word of advice; buying an air rifle is an investment which should not be taken lightly. Spend time reading reviews and talking to an expert, so that you do not regret your final decision!

Best Air Rifles UNDER $300 [ Editors Choice ]

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