Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle Review

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle is the stunner out there. If you are a regular reader of Air Rifle Village, then by now you already know that there are a lot of options to choose from. There are so many different air rifles in the market which are absolutely unique from one another. Not only you get to choose from some of the best air rifle manufacturers but you also get the option to select the perfect air gun for yourself from the variety of air rifles which are different in types. Choosing from so many options is quite stressful. People have different reasons to get their air rifles like some love to shoot at the range or some just like to hunting, and yes there are people that enjoy both the tasks. Now the problem on hand is that if you don’t have the knowledge about your future weapon then you could easily pick the wrong one. Someone maybe looking for an air gun to practice shooting but in the end, he is stuck with the one that is ideal for hunting scenarios. But here we have the solution for both enthusiastic with the stunning air rifle that is named Benjamin Varmint Power Pack. An air rifle which is absolutely badass as its name suggests.


Benjamin Varmint Power Pack

Benjamin Varmint

Best Air Rifle ReviewBenjamin Varmint Power Pack

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack

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From the name of this air rifle, some of you have already managed to get the idea what its true purpose was when it was first manufactured. And if you’re really thinking that then you are 100% right as the Benjamin “Varmint” Power Pack was made with the vision to get rid those of sneaky creatures without from your yard without alerting your neighbors.

Now get back to some important information about this piece from Benjamin. The Benjamin Varmint Power Pack is an air rifle powered by the nitro piston gun. Most of you have the clear idea already what a nitro piston rifle is. But for those who has no clue about it, they shouldn’t worry at all as it is just some fancy way to mention that this gun uses the gas piston instead of the commonly used spring gun. Some will have the thought why to use the nitro piston gun and why not use the spring gun. There is a simple explanation why manufacturers are favoring to use the gas technology more and more. The nitro piston is just amazing as it reduces the weight of the weapon and it also lasts more than the usual spring barrel gun. Another excellent point is that it causes less coil and also makes the gun easy to cock. In simple words, we can say that this tech has made a major impact on the gun industry.

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We talked about the piston a lot, now focus on some other aspects about the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack. On of the important things about your air rifle that everyone should know is what caliber it uses. For the Varmint, it would be the .177 caliber pellets. Some of the websites might skip the next few details but I think these are quite crucial too if you really want to know how your gun works. And one of those important detail is that the barrel of this particular air rifle has helical grooves inside which helps the bullets to spin. These minor things help the accuracy and the range in a way that you can’t even imagine.

One of the things that might be a let down to many is that it is a single shot, break barrel air rifle. If you really suck at shooting then probably it not might be the best choice as you only get one shot to hit your target which is even harder if it moving around. But there is another side to the story as I personally believe that the best way to improve your accuracy is by using the single shot. It really helps you to improve and become a better shot if you possess the patience.

Another thing that amazes about this air rifle is its barrel which has a jacket that closes the barrel which certainly help the bullets release with as much force it can generate but in the same time keeps the audio down which is the reason the gun is very quite that many users didn’t expect.

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack

Best Air Rifle Review

Best Aspects of Benjamin Varmint

Now let’s see some of the best things about the Benjamin Varmint as there are quite some to be true with.

Velocity, Accuracy, and Power

Without any second thought, I can say that these are the first things that most of the users or in this case buyers look before buying their air gun. The order might be different for every personal but these are the three foundations of any great air rifle. And I am glad to say that all the three foundations of the Benjamin Varmint are soothing enough for every gun lover. In the Amazon description, you will see that the gun offers 1200 FPS but this is nothing just an honest mistake. The real number is 950 fps which are still quite impressive. Using alloy pellets you can easily reach that mark.

The accuracy of this air rifle is very decent, actually, it is more than decent. You can easily hit any target in the 70-yard range without any problem. But the power of this air gun is even better than that. If you use .22 caliber pellets than it is a freaking killing machine as you can easily shoot right through a deer skull in anywhere the range of 35 yards. The brute force of this air rifle is something that any hunter would admire and also respect as it is not something to toy with at all.


The Benjamin Varmint comes with a 9×32 scope. Using this scope you can make your target 3,4 times bigger than usual. But that’s not all as there are some more surprises waiting. The manufacturers also included red Class III fast acquisition laser with push on/off or remote tape switch, 90-lumen flashlight, and mounts (flashlight has red flip-up filter) so that users of this can use this air gun anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter if its night or day because everything is covered by the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack. This is one of the reasons hunters really opt for this knowing all the options they got for such amount of money.

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You have already by know that you can use both .22 and .177 calibers using this air gun. But you don’t know which one to use then that’s not a problem at all. Always remember that .22 caliber pellets are heavier than the .177 caliber pellets. So if you are thinking long range outdoor shooting then it is always wise to use the .22 caliber pellets because the wind can be a factor. As the .177 caliber are lighter they can be affected by the wind on the other side wind has less affect on the .22 ones. So the trajectory will almost always remember the same. But if you are shooting indoors then .177 is good to go. Another thing is that if you are thinking of hunting then in such case again the .22 are preferable than .177 calibers. Because they can your target hard and if you are in range then it also can easily go through the targets as I’ve mentioned above.


The design is something that doesn’t play a major part for many but in my case, that is also important. You have to have the knowledge what type of material is being used in an air rifle because that can make a lot of difference. For instance, many would go for a wood stock gun. But they don’t have any idea that is a big reason why the gun is heavy and also it gets affected easily by the temperature and all that. But you don’t really need to worry at all of that with the Benjamin Varmint because it uses synthetic stock. This is ideal for hunters as they are light and not gets easily affected by the weather. Whether it’s raining or snowing, nothing would bother you at all.

The air gun was designed keeping both left and right handed users. They have also used rubber butt pad to reduce the recoil and make it more comfortable for the shooter. The grip of the gun is real good and so you don’t have to worry about your accuracy at all.


Now coming to the most important part of all which is the amount of money you have to pay for the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack air rifle. As you have seen already that this air rifle is absolutely stunning and there is nothing wrong at all with it. And the other thing that makes it even more suitable for buyers is its price as you have to only spend around $180. Very moderate price for such a gun.

If you are still thinking then you shouldn’t. Just go for it as it is the perfect air rifle for all specially if you have no time all day and night is the only time you have. Because with this beauty day and night are quite the same.


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