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If you want an ultimate air rifle that will be well suited for all kind of situations without affecting its efficiency then that would take some doing to find such weapon. But you already know that Air Rifle Village is the place you can count on which will do all those tedious work for you so that you kind find your thing without breaking any sweat. And as usual, we have come with another piece of excellent technology that will impress even the hardest critics of air rifles on the planet. Behold for the impressive Benjamin Trail NP .22 . This might be the game you were looking for which will satisfy all your needs without making your pocket empty.


Benjamin Trail NP .22 XL

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About Benjamin Trail NP .22 XL

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The name Benjamin Trail NP clears some of the important facts about this air rifle without any need of explaining. But still we need to clear some air as some of you might be new in the hunting hobby and have very little idea about the weapons. Actually, the NP in the name of the air rifle means that the air gun is powered by the nitro piston technology or otherwise known as the gas piston by many. So this isn’t your typical metal spring gun but actually, it works the same but only better than the usual spring piston guns. Instead of the normal spring piston rifles we have a cylinder which is filled with nitrogen which is compressed so that while you cock the gun the nitrogen will get more pressure and that is how it works. More and more manufacturers are opting for this technology in their weapons as it is more efficient than the classic spring gun and also the weight of the weapon reduces which is always an enjoyable sight for the users.


Detailed Specification of the Benjamin Trail NP Air Rifle :


Benjamin Trail NP .22 XL

The Benjamin Trail NP XL uses the .22 caliber if you know the basics of hunting and all that then you know that they are the perfect pellets for the business. In more details, you might be little hesitated to buy this air rifle once you know that this is a single shot, break barrel rifle. So, one shot at a time is the best thing you can do. This isn’t any big issue for the pros but for a newbie it can present some challenges. But this might also be an opportunity to make yourself a better shot like the real life Deadshot Jerry Miculek.


Like any second air rifles barrel, this one too helical groove inside the bore. This adds a new dimension to the shooting experience as the pellets spin which makes the pellets stabilized and enhances both accuracy and efficiency in the mean time. Such little details can make a great difference which might be unknown to many.


Pros of Benjamin Trail NP .22


  • StockIn the starting of this review I have mentioned specifically that an air rifle well suited for every situation. Which will be quite unlikely if the Benjamin Trail NP .22 used the wood stock, but not the case as it uses state of the art black synthetic material. Wood stock air rifles are quite slick I will give that but in reality that has become a deadwood itself. The added weight due to it makes it irrelevant for many and also in tricky situations where it is raining heavily, you have to struggle with your grip. That’s where the modern synthetic stock beats the classic wood stock air guns. As they are the same in every weather and also adds minimal weight which is almost to none. So the hunters prefer the guns that uses this kind of stock and the Benjamin Trial NP is one of such that offers it. Another thing that makes it so good is that the gun has thumbhole which is very useful for hunters who spend lots of time on shooting position such as bench rest shooting.
  • AmmoThe air rifle uses the .22 caliber pellets which you already know by now. But for your information, you can also use the regular .177 caliber pellets if you are looking for practice shooting and other stuff. But if you’re really planning to hunt then you should always pick the .22 caliber bullets. They pack a hell lot of an impact to make sure your prey stay down.
  • Power, Velocity & AccuracyThese three aspects are the main pillar while making any type of guns. You will find many weapons with great power, but the accuracy of that might disappoint you. The thing is that a perfect air rifle is the combination of these and the Trail NP is an ambassador of such combo. Let’s start with the velocity part. The air rifle claims to reach 950 FPS (feet per second) with alloy pellet and up to 800 FPS with the lead pellet. Very few air rifles on the market can reach this barrier with such a price tag on its back and even better than some of the heavy hitters too. Now coming to the power portion. Users of this air rifle are quite pleased with it while shooting from a distance. They have hit their target and knocked them out with ease. Also, the accuracy of it impressed everyone as they were able to hit their desired targets from 100 yards in difficult situations, but every time the Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel was up to the task.
  • SightThe Benjamin Trail NP .22 doesn’t have any open sight instead it comes with an awesome pre-installed Crossman 3-9×40 AO scope on it with mil-dot reticle. So it makes even the lousy shots make great shots.
  • NoiseFor some it might not be such a big deal, but many things it is one of the important things they look while getting their air rifle. Because many use such weapons for pest controls and you won’t need to make a nuisance of yourself in your neighborhood while doing so. For hunters, it is important because they don’t want to alert their prey with their presence. So quite an important feature as you see. And thanks to the nitro piston technology this one is one of the silent ones. The customer reviews vouch for it.
  • MaintenanceVery few needed with this. If you really love to take care of your weapon then you can clean the barrel and polish the air gun every now and then if you have the time to do.


Cons of Benjamin Trail NP .22


Speaking of cons, there isn’t many. In fact, this part is quite misleading as it shouldn’t be any cons as there is only one problem that I can mention as many users have done too. The only thing that users complained about is its trigger which takes too long to pull. But that isn’t any real problem as it is easily replaceable.

But i won’t be the first to complain about the scope and the trigger of the benjamin trail np. As the scope is somewhat tough for those who are not a seasonal hunter and also the trigger can be a bit of a headache.



Benjamin Trail NP Air Rifle Review


If you are considering buying the Benjamin trail np then you won’t need to pay 250 dollars. In this deal, you could save money from the original price of the rifle of $300.99 and pay just $259.99 from Amazon. A great chance to own an  air rifle without spending a lot of money.

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In short, the Benjamin Trail NP .22 is an ideal air rifle for all its qualities, and most important of all is that you only have to spend $200 to grab one of these babies to get started hunting. But if you think it isn’t the one that you were looking for then don’t worry as we have a whole lot of box to open.

Benjamin Trail NP Air Rifle












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