Air Rifle Accessories You Must Have For Your Air Rifle

Any Rifle owners understand that the air rifle requires several other components in order to function optimally. There are very good air rifle accessories which are available to keep your air rifle functioning properly.  Some of the essential air rifle accessories include pellets, CO2 cartridges, cleaning equipment and oil for maintenance purposes, among other equally important components. These are the bits and pieces that the air rifle cannot function without.

There are also other air rifle accessories that, although not crucial to its functioning, contribute a great deal in making your overall shooting experience better. These components are there to “spruce up” your air gun, so to speak. They include straps, pellet pouches, scopes, and even speed loaders. They optimize the functionality of your air rifle by tackling any shortcomings or handicaps that might limit the usability of the air gun.

There is a wide selection of both essential and non-essential air rifle accessories specifically for the purpose of making your air rifle better. Though they may have different functions and extents of importance, they are definitely worth investing in.

13 Best Air Rifle Accessories Review : 

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#1. Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Slings

Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Slings

Stability remains a major factor when it comes to air guns, especially since it contributes so much to its accuracy. As such, a strong reliable strap would be a handy accessory to be in possession of. The Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling provides such stability with an easily adjustable one-size-fits-all design strap. The sling fits on the gun easily, going over the barrel and the butt pad without the need for additional strap swivels and also without interfering with the cocking of break barrel rifles. A must have gamo air rifle accessories for gamo owners. As a measure of protection from recoil, the sling is fitted with a shock absorbent shoulder pad.

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#2. JINSE Tactical Bipod for Air Rifle

JINSE Tactical Bipod for Air RifleJINSE Tactical Bipod for Air RifleJINSE Tactical Bipod for Air RifleJINSE Tactical Bipod for Air Rifle

For sniper-like precision, the JINSE Tactical Bipod is a great accessory to own. The lightweight but highly durable aluminum bipod fits barrel sizes ranging from 12mm to 19mm. For maximum accuracy and stability when shooting, the bipod employs two useful features. The first is an adjustable center height that can be elevated from 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches off the ground depending on the position of your target.

The second feature is lockable legs, specifically utilizing the Posi-Lock technology, which offers enhanced accuracy and improved shooting speeds as your aim will not be affected by the recoil. The bipod comes with foldable arms, making it easy to carry and store in your backpack.

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#3. Hoppe’s Air Pistol and Air Rifle Maintenance Kit

Air Rifle Maintenance Kit

Hoppe’s Maintenance Kit is a one-stop-shop for all your air gun maintenance needs. The kit comprises of all the cleaning equipment necessary to clean your air guns and break barrel rifles. These include a .17 caliber brush with a brass knob and three steel rods with looped handles that you can use to clean out your barrel, lubricating oil and some cleaning cloths. The kit also contains the very handy Hoppe’s “Guide to Gun Care” pamphlet that educates you on proper air gun maintenance practices.

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#4. Pellet Pen

Pellet PenPellet Pen

For the air rifles that come with a less than satisfactory ammo capacity, the Pellet Pen is a great supplementary accessory. The Pellet Pen is a pellet clip that can hold a maximum of 20 .177 caliber pellets. The versatile accessory not only increases your ammo capacity, it also minimizes the down time you experience when reloading your air rifle in the field by offering quick and easy loading. It is compatible with all types of .177 caliber pellets.

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#5. Caldwell Airgun Resetting Target

Caldwell Airgun Resetting Target

This accessory offers the perfect training platform for you to hone your shooting skills. The heavy-duty steel targets can sustain any kind of hit from air gun pellets and as such, the targets are suitable for use with all your pellet-discharging air guns and rifles. The targets are portable, easy to assemble and made to last. For air gun resetting purposes, the clamshells have holes that can be used to hang them from different peg hooks.

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#6. Crosman Pellgunoil Air Gun Lubricating Oil

Air Gun Lubricating Oil

The Pellgunoil is the preferred maintenance oil for pneumatic CO2-powered air guns. The oil is essential in preventing the rusting of the barrel and the drying out of the piercing tube cap seals. The oil is manufactured using high-quality components, which is taken through quality performance tests to gauge its effectiveness.

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#7. UTG Clamp On Sniper Bipod

Sniper Bipod

The UTG Clamp on Sniper Bipod is useful in stabilizing air rifles when taking shots. The bipod is constructed with durable but lightweight aluminum material with steel feet and a rubberized stand for maximum stability and comfort. Using Posi-Lock technology, the bipod’s legs can be locked to avoid tipping and to increase shot accuracy.

Furthermore, the adjustable barrel clamp with a spring operated barrel-locking feature is able to accommodate barrels of sizes ranging from 11mm to 19mm. The center height can be adjusted from 9 inches to 11 inches off the ground for maximum elevation. The bipod also has extendable legs that allow you to pick the most suitable shooting posture and position. Its arms are foldable for maximum portability and convenient storage.

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#8. BlueFire Super Power Tactical Strike Head Adjustable Green Laser Sight Scope

Laser Sight Scope

For maximum precision, the battery-operated BlueFire Green Laser Sight Scope offers up to 300 meters reaching distance for the ultimate accuracy when lining up your targets. The scope is constructed with high-quality aluminum that uses premium optical glass with superior sharp image laser point capabilities. The scope comes with all the necessary mounts for air pistols and rifles. It allows elevation and windage adjustments for maximum precision. The laser sight scope also comes with a separate pressure switch along with its cord.

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#9. Sage and Braker Gun Cleaning Kits

Gun Cleaning Kits

This air gun maintenance kit offers a highly efficient and fast gun cleaning option that saves a considerable amount of time and effort. The unique maintenance accessories are designed to offer one-pass gun cleaning by using a rope affixed with copper brushes. The rope is simply pulled through the barrel of the air gun to clean it.

The detachable copper brushes give you the option of the one-swipe clean or a more intricate and thorough cleaning. The rope portion of the cleaner can be cleaned using a washing machine. The cleaning kit can be used with a variety of lubricating oils and cleaning solvents. It comes in a stylish-looking rugged canvas bag that allows easy storage of your cleaning equipment.

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#10. Crosman Speedloader Kit

Air rifle Speedloader

This Speedloader kit from Crosman offers uninterrupted firing for the Crosman 1077 semi-automatic .177-caliber air rifle. The rotary pellet clip has a capacity of 12 shots that automatically rotate into the barrel after every shot, giving you a constant feed of ammo  and Air rifle Speedloader.

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#11. Crosman Airgun Ammo Pouch

Airgun Ammo Pouch

This pellet pouch with Velcro fastening technology can hold up to 500 pellets. It is essential for ensuring that you never run out of ammo while in the field. Its construction features layered materials that help to maintain the shape of the pouch.

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#12. UTG Tactical Op Bipod

air rifle bipod

The accuracy-enhancing features of the UTG Tactical Op Bipod include the wide range of adjustability of its center height (8.1 inches to 12.7 inches). The bipod also offers high adjustability with the inclusion of a handy swivel stud that allows the rifle to pan horizontally, giving you room to track your targets easily. This is one of the best bipod for air rifle available for buy.

Its adjustable legs also come with Posi-Lock technology for maximum stability and the option of gradual retraction using a wheel or a quick retraction button for faster packaging. They are also foldable and come with external spring tension control. The durable aluminum bipod also features a Picatinny stud mount and a rubberized stand.

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#13. MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader

MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader

The MetalTac Speedloader makes it easier for Airsoft gun users to load their guns. The Speedloader, which is specially designed for loading BBs, significantly lessens the time it takes to load Airsoft guns. The Speedloader can also be used with some gas blowback pistols thanks to the addition of an adapter for that specific purpose. It is compatible with all standard AEG magazine clips.

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Some accessories are brand-specific while others are compatible with any air gun, BB rifle or even gas-powered pistol, and so you should be keen on the specifications of your air gun before you purchase any of them. Accessories can go a long way in enhancing the original capabilities of your air gun.


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