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Did you ever think Of Buying an Air Rifle? First of all, this question is only legitimate for only those who love to hunt or it is quite practical for them to own an air rifle for protecting themselves from the wild animals in their backyard and all that. If your answer to the question is in affirmative then you might need to have an air rifle. But buying the best air rifle out there is one of the hardest thing. It might look that just go to any store and pick one but it’s a big no. You have to buy according to your needs and the features you want in your air rifle. And in that case, the right air rifle can make a world of difference without any doubt at all. In this post, we will discuss all the possible air guns that are available in the market taking accounts some important characteristics. The most important of those characteristics are the price of the weapon and the weapon itself. Keeping these in mind we have brought the perfect list. Let cut to the chase and bring out the list about which we are talking about. I hope this will assist you to make the right choice about your weapon.

Types of Air Rifle

There are  various types of air rifles available. You have to buy the best air rifle according to your needs. The main types are Gas Spring Piston , Pneumatic, Multi-stroke , Single-stroke , Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) , Unregulated action, Regulated action & CO2 Powered. So before you buy your air rifle or buying guide for airsoft sniper rifle make sure you check all these types and buy the best one suitable for you.  

Top 3 Best Air Rifle Considering Budget

Budget is always important before thinking to purchase anything. And for buying an air rifle that is all the same as you need to consider your budget. Without any hesitation, anyone can say that the more you are willing to spend the more you have the chance to get a great quality weapon. But it is not possible for everyone to spend that hideous amount of money on such habit or for a weapon that will be used on rare occasions. And that is a big reason people seek for an air rifle that won’t cost them a fortune but will provide sufficient service in the moment of need.

But this is quite a task to choose the best air rifle under $300 dollars as there are many options available in the market. And this is where the job gets tricky as most of the weapons in this rate are not decent and some are so worse that they can’t even be considered as rifles. Many would choose a weapon that only cost them money but won’t be doing any good at the time of their needs and that is where you need some expert supervision which Air Rifle Village is quite glad to do for you.

We have gone through the market to find the most suitable machinery in this price range and we have come up with our top 3 choices. All these guns come at a price that most people can afford to pay.

#1 Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle Review

As I have mentioned before, there are numerous amount of air rifles in the price range of 100 – 200 dollars, but most of them have one issue or another which is common if you’re looking a weapon around this range. So finding a perfect weapon is impossible and you can only hope for to find the best among all those. That is what we have found with the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action. From the name of you can get a clear idea about one of its main characteristics which are that it doesn’t have the common spring action, instead, it is powered by pump action. And I have to say it is probably one of the finest weaponry of this kind of action.

The reason Benjamin 392 Bolt Action air rifle is on this list is simple. It is an excellent weapon for hunting and it is quite affordable. The common things that anyone would look at his air rifle would be its accuracy, the fierce power that it has to offer and one of the most important thing is that everyone needs is the comfort that it has to offer. And it will surprise you that in all these respective the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action turns out to be a champion which no one could’ve thought of keeping in mind that it only costs $140. If you like pump air rifle then this is the best air rifle out there within your budget and features. Benjamin 392 Bolt Action isn’t that powerful if you compare it with other air rifles available in the market but it is enough for hunting or shooting practice if you need to.

On the other hand, you have to appreciate that it is very accurate which is a great trade. Especially, it is very hard to find with powerful weapons as they tend to power but lacks the accuracy which is more important for a shooter in most situations. The velocity generated by the air rifle is in the mid range which is mainly due to its pump action and that is the reason that the gun doesn’t that much power, but still it is enough for any hunters to need. The .22 caliber is also powerful enough to pierce through any animal or it can create easily a heavy dent on metal plates from a distance. Also, it is compact and light enough to carry. In total, it can be said that this is a decent air rifle in a great price. If you are willing to know more about the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action then you can check out yourself everything there is to know about it here.

#2 Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action is really quite an amazing piece of weaponry for such price but the design of the air rifle is something that must disappoint many as it isn’t the finest. This little quality isn’t that important, the main thing is that the weapon needs to work fine which it does but we have to also consider the fact that many people tend to go for an air rifle for its look too. In such case, it isn’t the ideal weapon but luckily I have something that will please every hunter who wants to look good while holding their accessory. The gamo silent cat air rifle is the one we are talking about here as it is an absolute beauty of a weapon and the best part is that it is as lethal as you can get in the price range we are talking about. In my opinion this is the best air rifle available out there with a modest price. When you have a budget that is so tight then most often you have to end with an air gun that is more of a toy rather than being the weapon you need. But that is not the case Gamo Silent Cat as it is a beast that only needs to be unleashed.

It has more power and velocity than the Benjamin 392 bolt. So it is a perfect tool for hunting. Also, you can also use it in gun ranges if you need to because it has good accuracy. So, if you choose to be your partner in your shooting practice then you won’t be let down that is for sure. The gun looks a bit big but looks can be deceiving as it is with the Gamo Silent Cat as it is very light weight. It would seem to look like the Gamo Silent Cat is actually the best thing you can find for your budget and it is quite perfect. But the truth is that it has some flaws and the most depressing of them all is its grip. This can be big issue for anyone. Also, the trigger isn’t the best too. However, keep your mind open to the most important fact is that you can’t hope for the perfect weapon for such amount of money you are willing to spend on. Yes, it has some flaws but the number of aspects that are good about this air rifle outweighs the negative ones. So before you’re going to make your mind you should probably do more research about the Gamo Silent Cat and figure it out yourself is this is the one that you are looking for to fulfill your needs or you got to find something better.

#3 Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle Review

Gamo is the largest producer of guns and rifles in Europe and they know their market better than anyone else. They know that most of the buyers can afford a weapon paying big chunks of cash. They know who their main target audience are and they produce their weapons keeping that factor in mind. That is one of the biggest reason you will find that most of the air rifles that are in the low budget range is produced by Gamo. They offer good quality guns in affordable price. And so, the last weapon in my list of top 3 air rifles considering the budget is fulfilled by another Gamo production. You have seen the Gamo Silent Cat and now its time for the Big Cat. The name of the product is gamo big cat 1250 air rifle which is one of the most popular machinery from the brand itself. It is the best gamo air rifle out there of them. The Gamo Big Cat 1250 model is really a special air gun as it is quite exquisite keeping the fact in mind that it doesn’t cost that much. Its design is very similar to the Gamo Silent Cat but if you look closely it is even better than that as the finishing of the gun and the materials used is quite top notch.

Also, there is no doubt at all that the design of this particular air rifle made it as much popular to the hunters as its quality to hit the target. The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is actually an improved version of the 1200 model of the brand. There were some technical problems in that previous model which the brand has addressed and taken care of. As I have noted before, the main aesthetic of a The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is actually an improved version of the 1200 model of the brand. There were some technical problems in that previous model which the brand has addressed and taken care of. As I have noted before, the main aesthetic of any rifle is its power and accuracy. And of the list of weapons that we mentioned this is the most powerful one and also an accurate one too. I believe you also need to learn about the bad stuff of a product rather more than the good parts about it, and there are some bad parts about the Gamo Big Cat 1250 like its trigger or the sound that it creates everytime you take a shot. But these are very little bumps on a road which is quite smooth. And the ticket price for that road is very affordable. So if you are considering to get it then you can go here and learn more about it.

Top 3 Best Air Rifle Considering Performance

Without any second thoughts in my mind, I will say that I have put a great list of top three air rifles that will satisfy any buyer who has a tight budget to balance. But if you don’t have such strings attached to you while buying an air gun then you might would like to take a look at some other options. And in this little list of ours we have picked three air rifles considering not the budget but the most important thing that anyone need to have in their weapon is its performance. Because in the end you first want a air gun that will help you to shoot properly hitting your targets and not get the one that will be of no use of yours at all for a cheap price. So, be ready to take a look at the best 3 air rifle considering its performance rather than its price.

#4 Crossman Nitro Venom Air Rifle

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

I have gone through a huge number of air rifles but like it is said that good things are quite hard and rare to find. And it is a big reality while you’re looking for an extraordinary air rifle that is the real deal. But after looking at all my options I have found a great weapon and if you are someone who knows about air guns then you will certainly agree with me as crossman nitro venom air rifle isn’t a toy. It is one of the best air rifles that you will find in the current market right now. The most outstanding thing about it is that its performance will amaze anyone if you compare it with other air rifles that will cost triple of its money. But in reality, it won’t surprise many who have knowledge about air guns as most of the pro or old users know about the Crosman brand that is known for great products. The one that Crosman that really shined for me is the Crosman is their Crosman Nitro Venom. First of all, there are also other air rifles that this brand offers that might be better than this particular one. But before making this list I have considered the quality and performance of the air gun but also kept check about the price as I know that people won’t like to spend a ridiculous amount of money for their hobby. And so taking all these notes Crosman Nitro Venom is a perfect choice. If you are looking for something with extraordinary design and furnish then Crossman is the best air rifle for the money.

The Crosman Nitro Venom is a high-tech air gun. It is a break barrel rifle using .22 calibers which are great especially for hunting as they can pierce through most animals within a blink of an eye. This is possible to its velocity that this weapon generates which is around 950 fps according to the manufacturers. Which gives you an idea how powerful it is. But this velocity gets down to 800 fps when you lead pellets as they are heavier than alloy pellets, but still that is an impressive figure. Another thing that makes anyone fell in love with the Nitro Venom is its accuracy. If you know how to shoot then you would hit your target almost every time as this air gun has a reputation for its pinpoint accuracy which is good as you can take only one shot at a time. The design of the gun is very sophisticated and the material used to make this gun is very high quality. In simple words you can say that the Crosman Nitro Venom is almost a perfect air rifle except for its trigger which is sometimes annoying. But it happens to the most expensive guns too and that is why it is no big reason as you can pay some extra bucks to change the trigger. If you are willing to know more about it then just look it here.

#5 Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Air Rifle

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

The next one in the list is the benjamin titan gp nitro piston air rifle. Which is another amazing display of great manufactured product. Like the Crosman Nitro Venom is also an extraordinary air rifle and it also has some great specifications. But the most interesting and unique thing about the Titan GP Nitro is its gas-filled cylinder system that it uses. It isn’t a traditional spring gun. But that doesn’t affect its performance at all rather you can say that it enhances it.

Like the Nitro Venom, it is also a single shot based air rifle so the accuracy is very important for this air rifle too. And you won’t be disappointed at all as this gun is also very accurate like the previous one. It is even better than that in some perspectives. With this air gun you can use both .177 and .22 caliber pellets. So it is not that hard to find ammunition for this rifle. While using the .177 pellets you will get 1200 fps velocity on the other hand for the .22 caliber pellets the velocity is 950 fps and 800 fps respectively for the alloy and lead pellets. So this gives a proper idea that the brute force achieved by this weapon is actually pretty intense as it can also go through metal plates if they are anywhere between 50-70 yards range to this air rifle. The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro’s design is not that bad too as you can refer it exquisite. The air gun isn’t that heavy to carry and it also doesn’t create that much sound while you shoot using it. So a great gun to have indeed. People sometimes doesn’t like best air rifle scope so make sure you choose the suitable one accordingly.

But as you have already known by now there is no air gun that can be referred as to be perfect and that is the similar case with Benjamin Titan GP Nitro. It has the same issue like the Crosman air rifle and the solution is the same too. You just need to pay some extra cash to resolve it. The air rifle comes with a scope that isn’t quite the best but not so bad too. But if you don’t want to take any chance with that then you can always replace it with a better one. But in overall this air rifle is a solid one. And you should probably give it a try.

#6 Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle Review

This is the final one on the list and like you expect it is the best one of the lot. Because there is no way to finish better with on a high with the touch of flourish and that is what we are going to do in Air Rifle Village by introducing the ultimate hunting beast that you can find … The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle. This air gun actually is a dream weapon for any hunter as it is just amazing. And we know we have to pay big bucks if we want our dreams to become reality and that is actually is the case with the benjamin marauder pcp air rifle. The Marauder PCP is a perfect air rifle to be clear with. Its accuracy, power, the amount of velocity it generates while shooting is out of the top shelf. You can take 10 shots at a time which gives you the advantage that you won’t get with the other ones. It is a bolt action air gun and it main power source is like you can see its name is the PCP. I don’t have to talk about the common characteristics that anyone would look in an air rifle as they are quite out of the ballpark as I have mentioned before.

But there are some other things that make it quite so special from the rest of its competitors. For instance, its synthetic stock which makes it easy to use in any kind of weather. If it is raining heavily you will find hard to find proper grip with other guns but that ain’t a case at all with the Benjamin Marauder. The trigger is just perfect for everyone. Even if you have giant fingers like hulk won’t be an issue. The design of the rifle is simple and generous. But the most interesting thing of all in the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle is its top secret changes to the valve, therefore, ensuring 12% more power as well as a 30% increase in the shot count. This is absolutely a peach of a weapon without any doubt at all. The only flaw you will find with the Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle is its price and some have complained about its weight, but maybe they aren’t not so physically fit enough to carry it as most people think it is at the right weight.

Customer Rating

  • I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through the Silent Cat. Accuracy is AMAZING, essentially same hole groups at 20yds**. With the muzzle velocity chronograph at 1030 +/- 10fps, it is as loud as a standard “10 pump” pellet gun which has a velocity around 650fps. Essentially, sounds like a BB gun!
  • I have been shooting this gun all afternoon and it works like a champ right out of the box. The groupings are very tight at 30 yards. A lot of people don’t like the scope. It’s ok, I dialed it in after 20 shots or so. There is definitely a break in period. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about the gun. Very powerful, accurate, and fine for small game and plinking. I am enjoying it.
  • Love it! feels good, shoots good, it does take a little strength to pump it but once you get used to it no big deal. I really enjoy this pellet gun

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best pellets to use?Ans: The best pellets depend on what you wish to shoot at. A hollow point type is for maximum damage,pointed can be used for varmints(small game only), flat head tips for general target practice. The gamin shoots hard enough to easily pierce a tin can both sides at 30 feet. Can still do damage even farther out. Q: Can you hunt squirrel and small game but from ok distances?Ans: I can verify that it is DEADLY for squirrels.I personally have ‘taken care of’ at least 40 who thought my backyard bird feeders were for them.I have it sighted in for EXACTLY 70 feet… without the scope, and more often than not, the squirrel is no longer an issue Q: How does the silent cat compare to the Benjamin XS Nitropiston ?Ans: I have not shot the Benjamin, however, The Silent Cat is the best I have ever shot. Q: Which caliber should I choose for my air rifle? 0.22 or .177?Ans: .177 is what I used for squirrel just remember the lighter the pellet the less impact it has so for hunting small game you want to use a heavier pellet .


We have taken every aspect that is critical to choose an air rifle and came up with the best way to guideline buyers before purchasing the weapon they desire to have. I hope this two list of weapons will help anyone who is thinking of buying an air rifle. But if you are still confused then you should do more market research yourself or you can ask us. But for now, this is it and we hope at Air Rifle Village that this will assist you to make a choice.

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