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Here we have showed you some awesome air rifles and without any doubt they are quite unique from one another. But one thing that you would find common among all those is the style. There aren’t many rifles in the market that can fulfill this requirement except the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle . Not saying that they all look the same, but want to focus on the part that the style of those air rifles are quite modern. Which is obvious and so it doesn’t come to me as a big surprise at all. But the fact is many buyers love the classic look with great technological advancements of today.Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle ReviewBest Air Rifle Review


This air rifle will certainly bring some memories of the past as it is an American classic in many ways. The Benjamin 392 Bolt Action air rifle is undoubtedly one of the best pump action air rifle right now available in the market. The model that we are talking about today is an updated version of the same air rifle. The looks of both guns are very similar, but this model has more to offer. So today we will give the detailed review of Benjamin 392 Bolt Pump air rifle .


History of Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle

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Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air rifle is a timeless air rifle made in America. As the name suggests the gun uses a variable pump which is actually a multi pump pneumatic system. Maybe some of you are familiar with these terms but some of you have no idea at all. This rifle uses a piston and a cylinder in its chamber. And the term pneumatic system refers the particular way to use the pressurized air in the cylinder. So when we cock the rifle, we apply more pressure to it.
The Benjamin 392 Bolt has .22 caliber pellets. The air rifle is a single shot, so a single shot is what you would get to make your chance count while hunting. This gun will make the shooter more efficient as they would know that they have one shot to get the target.

Best Air Rifle According To US:

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump

Detailed Specification of the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Air Rifle :

Here is the detailed spec of Benjamin 392 Bot & another interesting thing about the rifle is that it has rifled barrel. In this way the inside of the rifle barrel is cut inside. So when the pellet is shot, it moves inside the barrel which helps it to stabilize through the air which massively improves the accuracy. Other noticeable thing about the barrel is that it is made of brass. Brass barrel is way better than steel as they don’t rust easily.

Specification of Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump
Caliber 0.22" (5.5mm)
Velocity 685 fps
Front Sight Blade and Ramp
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage and elevation
Shot Capacity 1
Barrel Length & Overall Length 19.25" & 36.25"
Loudness 4 Medium High
Trigger Pull 5.5 lbs
Scopeable No
Barrel Rifled Barrel
Cocking Effort 3-8 Pumps
Safety Manual
Action Bolt Action
Weight 5.5 lbs

Pros of Benjamin 392 Bolt

  • Body: Craftsmanship of this gun is of the highest order. The can resist the shocks from firing, loading the gun without any sweat thanks to its American hardwood used to make the stock. The best thing about the hardwood is that you don’t need to panic even if it gets scratch. You just need to polish it and it would have the same shining as a brand new gun. The swell of the fore grip makes the pumping way easier for shooters. The gun has Monte Carlo stock with slightly raised comb and low heel. It gives great advantage to shooters as the accuracy gets better because of the eye lines with the sight naturally.
  • Caliber: The rifle uses only .22 caliber pellets. As you already know that the .22 caliber pellets are usually heavier than the .177 ones. So you won’t get that much velocity as you wish for. But the positive thing is that the .22 pellets are more stable while moving towards a target. It doesn’t get that much affected of windy conditions which might be not the case with .177 caliber pellets. Also, the knockdown power of the pellets is impressive. As you can kill small animals with ease. And the pellets are also useful for target practice too.
  • Classic: The design of Benjamin 392 Bolt Action air rifle was done keeping the classic look in mind. And so the rifle doesn’t have any scope sight with it which is very common thing as every two guns out of three carry that. So the open sight of this air rifle really injects some fresh air in the market. If the shooter has a decent vision then the sight won’t be any problem as it is quite good to be fair. But if you want something more than this then you can easily add a scope to this rifle.
  • Performance: The gun needs hardly any sort of maintenance. You can only coat the barrel after some time to prevent rust. Beside that the rifle doesn’t need any kind of attendance. The manufacturers have designed the rifle in this way so that it lasts for years without any serious problem.
  • Accuracy: The rifle isn’t that powerful but that doesn’t compromise with its accuracy at all. Instead users have quite positive reviews about its precision. Anything under the 50 yard range can be hit with ease using this rifle. And all thanks to its rifled barrel which assists the pellets to have a steady trajectory.
  • Velocity: The velocity isn’t that much to compare with other air rifles that you can find on the market. But in spite that the power it manages to produce can knockdown any animal in its range with comfort. So, if you have pest problems in your backyard or some unwanted thing have emerged from no where in your territory then you can trust it to get the job done. Also, you can use this rifle for hunting, but only for small animals.
  • Shot Capacity: As a single shot air rifle it is very obvious that you have to load the pellet every time after you shoot. With most guns the loading part comes with one or more issues that upset the users. But this is contradictory with this gun. Loading after every shot isn’t a fun thing to do, but thanks to its easy to load mechanism you won’t get frustrated.
  • Compactness: Another great thing about the Benjamin 392 Bolt is its compactness and the gun isn’t that heavy as it seems. Crossman have done great work with its manufacturing. That is the main reason the rifle is so long lasting. You can use this gun in any weather and its performance won’t drop a bit. This is impressive as most air rifles performance hampers because of the weather.
  • Budget: The price of this air rifle is one of its best parts. For a solid and effective firearm you have to pay a big price. This isn’t the case with this as it is affordable. For its functionality it is a good bargain.


Cons of Benjamin 392 Bolt

  • The pumping is annoying. With this point everyone who has used this gun would agree. The pumping action is very tiresome work and if you don’t have the patience then this might not be the gun you would love to have. But if you’re ok with that then this could quickly become a second nature of yours. But still that’s a lot of work to do.
  • The maximum velocity of Benjamin 392 Bolt is 685 fps. The velocity isn’t a great deal with this rifle and this isn’t a big surprise. Because of the pump action system the rifle doesn’t reach that kind of velocity which you can get with nitro piston or normal spring guns. Due to this medium range velocity the firepower isn’t that effective of the gun. Yes, you can kill animals with this but that needs to be in your range and the size also needs to be in your favor. Also, the rifle isn’t that good for long ranges and the reason doesn’t need to be pointed.
  • The gun is definitely loud. The gun goes from medium to high level of loudness. So it is impossible to use this rifle without getting noticed. And so, if you’re thinking about using this in populated areas, then you should be prepared for the worst case scenario.


Final Verdict

I have done my share of research about the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action variable air rifle. And one of the important things in the research was taking notes from different online markets. Customers review can help you to find the strengths and flaws of any product. And I am highly impressed with this air rifle as it has more positives than negatives from customers too.  The biggest strength of this rifle is its affordable price and great looks that attracts everyone. And some of the flaws can be overlooked. As anyone considers buying this gun knows what to expect. If they are getting this gun then they are ready to pump the gun for every shot. Only thing that doesn’t favor it is the power. If you’re considering it to hunt all kind of animals then this isn’t the weapon. As I have said couple of times, this rifle is perfect for hunting animals that aren’t that big in size. Keeping that aside I will say this is an outstanding rifle. Nothing can go wrong with this. For a reasonable priced weapon you are getting durable, reliable weapon that would last for years. Still if you are not sure and want to check some other ones than i insist you take a look at our Review of Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle and compare between them then decide yourself.


Price to Pay


The Crossman Benjamin 392 bolt action variable pump air rifle would cost a little more than $140 from amazon. This is a great investment because this air rifle would be with you for the rest of your life and still be working the same way as it did when you first got it.

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Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle












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